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We are an online property development course provider for people who are committed to building wealth in real estate.

Whether you want to make lot's of money fast through property development, or you want to plan a long-term strategy for growing wealth through property investment, we are here for you.

We'll  walk you through your first property investment or development, while ensuring you have plenty of fun along the way....

We have a huge range of courses and we price them so everyone can afford them.

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  • We are independent

    We provide independent training -we don't sell other products or services on the back of our courses. You invest in a course and you get an excellent course.

  • Learn online

    Learn at your own pace, 24/7 access to this portal - available on your phone, tablet, laptop & desktop.

  • Learn everywhere

    No need to go to university, seminars - learn from home, on your commute or while waiting in a queue.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

    We guarantee you will reach your learning objective with us.

  • Questions

    As you learn, you will of course have questions- we factor that into the price of our courses and welcome lots of questions-they make our courses better every day.

  • Life-long access

    Once you are enrolled you have life long access to each course so you can refresh your knowledge whenever you need- and you get all updated information for free

  • Templates

    All our courses contain templates in word and excel that you can use again and again -these are worth the course fee on their own.

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